The Let me take a Selfie Podcast

Ep. 044 - Why strength training is important

July 6, 2022

Strength doesn’t always need to be defined as moving heavy weights, but consider what force we need to produce to move, stabilise or withstand loads in our everyday living situations. From moving heavy objects, to withstanding impact on the sporting field, to running for the bus or tram and even to reaching up to the top shelf of the pantry to grab the cookie jar you secretly hid from the kids. Strength is an integral part to maintaining and executing daily motion and balancemusculoskeletal healthachieving physical goals and even maintaining range of motion needs like mobility.

From the benefits of performance, to ageing, to its effects metabolicly. We will be discussing the benefits of resistance training and why it is something we all can and should incorporate into our daily lives.

Enjoy the show!

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