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Ep. 023 - Bone density, osteoporosis and exercise w/ Ben Rashleigh

August 4, 2021

Humankind is entering a new demographic era. At the start of the next decade, globally, for every 100 people aged 15-64 years there will be 14.4 people aged 65 years or over. The United Nations projects that this so-called “old-age” dependency ratio will increase dramatically throughout the 21st Century. By 2030, the global ratio is projected to be 18 seniors per 100 “workers”, which is set to increase to 25.2 per 100 and 37.6 per 100 by 2050 and 2100, respectively. The current global population of 7.7 billion is projected to grow to 8.5 billion, 9.7 billion and 10.9 billion by 2030, 2050 and 2100, respectively. The impact of such a rapid shift in the age structure of our global society has enormous implications for how we manage national economies and healthcare systems.

Our bones support us and allow us to move. They protect our brain, heart, and other organs from injury. Our bones also store minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which help keep our bones strong, and release them into the body when we need them for other uses. So keeping our bones strong and healthy not only prevent fractures but also positively effect our bodies constant action for  homeostasis.

Join us as we look into the research and their recommendations on how to stimulate bone growth for the general population and the osteoporotic.

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