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Ep. 038 - Transitioning through trauma - Moving into life’s next adventure w/ William Burnett

March 30, 2022

In today’s episode we have the pleasure in speaking with a brother by the name of William Burnett. As a former Australian Defence Force veteran and now a breath-work practitioner and endurance athlete. William shares his personal experience with the struggles of transitioning from the military to civilisation. Through breath-work Will works with students and veterans to help deal with trauma experienced from being conditioned in a certain way for an extended period of time and then to transition to the real world and ultimately shifting their journey from one perspective to another, as well as creating a space and open dialog for veterans to engage with and feel safe in. 

As an advocate for breath work and listening and giving the body what it t needs, Will has committed to run from Margret River WA to Byron bay NSW completing a marathon a day. To prove that he can do it as he was told that he couldn’t. Which gives you a glimpse into Will’s journey and how he shifted his mindset to prepare for such a task. 

Enjoy the show!

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